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If you think that the Polish community in Canada can be a market for your business then you should definitely consider advertising on the most popular community website PolishCanadians.ca.

The following is a list of PCN Advertising offers:

Short-term ad

An inexpensive offer for a two month period that can be expanded for as long as you need. A renewal of your advertisement for an additional two months will cost only half of the original price.

Best offer

This is the most popular offer. Please read all of the details on the best offer page carefully. This entire package is a great deal, especially if you divide the yearly price by twelve months.


A good size banner on the PolishCanadians.ca home page is for all of those businesses that understand how important advertising is for business growth. Although this is a more expensive offer, it is also the most effective one.

Who is advertising on PolishCanadians.ca

  • Queen Syrena Travel Inc. Mississauga Ontario
  • Doctor Derek Srokowski Dental Surgeon Hamilton Mississauga Ontario
  • Polonia Optical Brampton Ontario
  • John Paul the Second Polish Cultural Centre Mississauga Ontario
  • Taxtronix